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Rope - 3 Strand - Polyester
Three-strand polyester rope. Durable rope offering high strength, less stretch than nylon and good resistance to abrasions and UV rays. Also resistant to rot, mildew and a variety of fluids and chemicals. Well-suited for marine and industrial applications.


  • Suited to pulley and winch lines
  • High strength and low stretch
  • UV, abrasion, rot and mildew resistant
  • Ideal for boat rigging and dock lines
Item CodeSequenceDescriptionDiameterLengthColorTensileWeightAvailabilityPrice
335015 013 strand polyester rope1/4"600'White1315 lbs12.00 lbsShips in 2-3 Days0.00
335035 023 strand polyester rope3/8"600'White2900 lbs26.00 lbsShips in 2-3 Days0.00
335055 033 strand polyester rope1/2"600'White5085 lbs46.00 lbsShips in 2-3 Days0.00
335075 043 strand polyester rope5/8"600'White7825 lbs72.00 lbsShips in 2-3 Days0.00
335105 053 strand polyester rope3/4"600'White11200 lbs103.00 lbsShips in 2-3 Days0.00