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Rope - Natural Fiber Rope
Made of a hybrid of different natural fibers, this rope offers low stretch, and moderate resistance to abrasion and sunlight. Commonly utilized for bundling or craft projects. Biodegradable.


  • Bundling rope for home, farming or shipping
  • Easy to grip and knot
  • Natural biodegradable fiber
  • Pliable
Item CodeSequenceDescriptionDiameterLengthColorTensileWeightAvailabilityPrice
200706 023 strand MF natural fiber rope1/4"1250'Natural385 lbs23.00 lbsShips in 2-3 Days0.00
200718 033 strand MF natural fiber rope5/16"850'Natural640 lbs23.00 lbsShips in 2-3 Days0.00