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Sash Cord - CWC Premium Spools
CWC Premium sash cord offers higher strength and less stretch than standard sash cord. Glazed with weather-resistant coating, It’s commonly used in renovating and refurbishing traditional sash windows and is also popular in the film industry.

• Highest-quality sash cord
• Weather-resistant glazing
• Available in black or white
• Also available in hanks
Item CodeSequenceDescriptionDiameterSizeLengthColorTensilePut-upWeightAvailabilityPrice
120041 01CWC Premium Sash Cord1/4"#81200'White600 lbsSpool14 lbsShips 2-3 days0.00
120031 02CWC Premium Sash Cord3/16"#81200'White260 lbsSpool12 lbsShips 2-3 days0.00
120046 03CWC Premium Sash Cord5/16"#101200'White1000 lbsSpool26 lbsShips 2-3 days0.00
120033 04CWC Premium Sash Cord3/8"#12600'White1200 lbsSpool12 lbsShips 2-3 days0.00
120051 05CWC Premium Sash Cord3/8"#121200'White1200 lbsSpool22 lbsShips 2-3 days0.00
120052 06CWC Premium Sash Cord1/2"#161000'White1400 lbsSpool46 lbsShips 2-3 days0.00